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Past show archive
Event Venue Date Time City
Thomas Gold @ Love + PropagandaLove + Propaganda10/08/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
Mogui @ Love + PropagandaLove + Propaganda10/01/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
Kungs Love + Propaganda09/30/168:00pmSan Francisco, California
Green Velvet @ Love + PropagandaLove + Propaganda09/23/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
No Tell Motel featuring CazzetteLove + Propaganda09/16/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
No Tell Motel featuring Erick MorilloLove + Propaganda09/02/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
No Tell Motel featuring VICETONELove + Propaganda08/26/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
"No Tell Hotel" featuring CHRIS LAKELove + Propaganda08/19/1610:00pmSan Francisco, California
Derrick Carter Audio Discotech02/05/169:30pmSan Francisco, CA
EPIC NYE 2016 @ The Park Central Hotel, Union Sq12/31/159:00pm
Slide SaturdaysSlide11/07/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Cedric GerviasTemple10/24/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge10/23/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple10/10/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge10/09/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night at SlideSlide10/03/159:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge10/02/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple09/26/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge09/25/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge09/18/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday Season FinaleTemple09/13/1512:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple09/12/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Labor Day Weekend at SlideSlide09/05/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge09/04/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Cali Summer | FREE ALL DAY!!Mars Bar08/30/151:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple08/22/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night @ AudioAudio Discotech08/15/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday featuring Mr.V & Them JeansTemple08/09/1512:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple08/08/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge08/07/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night at SlideSlide08/01/159:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge07/31/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple07/25/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge07/24/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd SundayTemple07/12/1512:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple07/11/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night @ SlideSlide07/04/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge07/03/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple06/27/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge06/26/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday Season OpenerTemple06/14/1512:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj Vice Temple06/13/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night at SlideSlide06/06/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge06/05/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Ibiza Day Club featuring Donald Glaude05/30/158:00pm
Miguel MigsAudio Discotech05/24/159:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple05/23/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple05/09/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge05/08/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple04/25/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Nom De StripVessel04/18/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge04/17/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple04/11/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge04/10/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
JJ Flores Slide04/04/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge04/03/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple03/28/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge03/27/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Felix Da HousecatAudio Discotech03/21/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
L I F E Audio Discotech03/15/154:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple03/14/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge03/13/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
DJ Scotty BoySlide03/07/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge03/06/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple02/28/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge02/27/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple02/21/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge02/20/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
VIP Sneak Preview OF Brand New Night Club FORT ONE!!!02/14/1510:00pm
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge02/13/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night at SlideSlide02/07/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge02/06/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Lost KingsVessel01/31/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge01/30/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple01/24/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
FLight FridaysInfusion Lounge01/23/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple01/10/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge01/09/1510:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Temple SaturdaysTemple12/27/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Matisse & SadkoVessel12/20/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge12/19/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge12/12/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Sharam Harlot12/11/149:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Saturday Night at The New TempleTemple12/06/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge12/05/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Sydney BluVessel12/04/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj Dan & Donald GlaudeTemple11/26/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Kryder Temple11/22/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge11/21/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Sunday Funktion feat Sonny FoderaAudio Discotech11/16/144:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge11/14/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Justin Jay (Dirty-Bird)Vessel11/13/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand11/08/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge11/07/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dark CarnivalSlide11/01/149:30pmSan Francisco, CA
Halloween Massive @ The Westin Hotel San Francisco10/25/148:00pm
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge10/24/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Summer Sundays Mars Bar10/19/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Third PartyVessel10/18/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge10/17/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday @ NEW LOCATION - Venue 5502ND Sunday10/12/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand10/11/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge10/10/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
BIG FUNVessel10/09/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
A Special Night at SlideSlide10/04/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge10/03/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Soiree @ The Starlight Room09/27/1410:00pm
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge09/26/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Summer SundaysMars Bar09/21/144:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge09/19/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd SundayCafe Cocomo09/14/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand09/13/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge09/12/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Miss NineAudio Discotech09/06/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge09/05/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
The Cocomo Closing PartyCafe Cocomo08/31/142:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge08/29/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Soiree @ The Starlight Room08/23/1410:00pm
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge08/22/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge08/15/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd SundayCafe Cocomo08/10/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand08/09/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge08/08/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge08/01/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LifeTemple07/26/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge07/25/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
SUNDY FUNKTION (4pm-midnight)Audio Discotech07/20/144:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge07/18/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd SundayCafe Cocomo07/13/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Bastille Day CelebrationThe Grand07/12/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge07/11/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Hot Mouth & Lazy RichVessel07/05/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge07/04/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Independence Eve @ Origin07/03/1410:00pm
LifeTemple06/28/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge06/27/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Oliver HeldensVessel06/21/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand06/14/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge06/13/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday Season Opener2ND Sunday06/08/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Derrick CarterAudio Discotech06/07/149:30pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge06/06/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Special VIP Preview of Origin Boutique Nightclub05/31/149:30pm
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge05/30/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Pier Pressure Yacht Party on The Bay05/25/143:00pm
LifeTemple05/24/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge05/23/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Oscar GAudio Discotech05/17/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge05/16/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday Warm-Up2ND Sunday05/11/1412:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand05/10/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge05/09/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Special Guest Nick CannonInfusion Lounge05/02/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LifeTemple04/26/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge04/25/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge04/18/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand04/12/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge04/11/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Mark FarinaAudio Discotech04/05/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge04/04/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge03/28/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LifeTemple03/22/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge03/21/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
No Regular PlayAudio Discotech03/15/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays feat Panic CityInfusion Lounge03/14/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Special Event feat Robert BabiczAudio Discotech03/09/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand03/08/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj Shift Video Shoot!Infusion Lounge03/07/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge02/28/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LifeTemple02/22/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge02/21/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
The Bitter BallInfusion Lounge02/14/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation feat Steve SmoothThe Grand02/08/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge02/07/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Droog @ Justin JAudio Discotech02/01/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge01/31/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LifeTemple01/25/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays feat Don BenjaminInfusion Lounge01/24/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge01/17/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation feat JJ FLORESThe Grand01/11/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays feat Dj CobraInfusion Lounge01/10/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
A Night at Audio DiscotechAudio Discotech01/04/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays feat DJ SHIFTInfusion Lounge01/03/1410:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LifeTemple12/28/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge12/27/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Felix The HousecatAudio Discotech12/21/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation feat. Fancy CatsThe Grand12/14/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
LIL JON (Dj Set)Infusion Lounge12/13/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Ron Reeser The Grand11/30/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ Dj CamsInfusion Lounge11/29/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life Temple11/23/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight FridaysInfusion Lounge11/22/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Miguel Migs @ Audio DiscotechAudio Discotech11/16/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand11/09/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays @ Infusion LoungeInfusion Lounge11/08/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays featuring DJ SHIFTInfusion Lounge11/01/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
ggAudio Discotech10/26/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ Jazzy JimInfusion Lounge10/25/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/DJ ShiftTemple10/19/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Scotty Boy @ VesselVessel10/19/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ Brian VInfusion Lounge10/18/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday w/ Donald Glaude2ND Sunday10/13/1312:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation w/ Wild Boyz!The Grand10/12/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ K-MacInfusion Lounge10/11/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Audio Discotech with FestivaAudio Discotech10/05/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge10/04/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Final Life w/ The SCHMIDT, Sk0step & THATsoundTemple09/28/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
The Oktoberfest official afterparty w/ Tropicool & Kedd CookAudio Discotech09/21/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ K-MacInfusion Lounge09/20/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation w/ Carlo Astuti, Roger moore House & Mario DubbzThe Grand09/14/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ K-MacInfusion Lounge09/13/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday with Bad Boy Bill, Whitenoize & Ralph Berr2ND Sunday09/08/132:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge09/06/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Labor Day Weekend Special EventHarlot09/01/139:30pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation with Julian IngrossoThe Grand08/31/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays with K-MacInfusion Lounge08/30/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life with ROBOT deNiro, El Cool J & HalloranTemple08/24/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight with Miki WarInfusion Lounge08/23/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Audio Discotech (Grand Opening) with Peirce FultonAudio Discotech08/17/139:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday w/ DJ Dan & Gene Hunt2ND Sunday08/11/132:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation w/ EC TwinsThe Grand08/10/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ E-RockInfusion Lounge08/09/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Norman Doray Vessel08/03/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge08/02/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ Ron ReeserNoble07/28/131:00pmSan Francisco
Final Life w/ skOstep, David Paul & FeldyTemple07/27/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays (Ryan Meyer's Birthday Bash) w/ Chris Clouse, Panic City, Miles Medina, El Cool JNoble07/21/131:00pmSan Francisco
Chemistry w/ ZCWManor West07/20/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ ScooterInfusion Lounge07/19/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Drop City Yacht Club @ Infusion LoungeInfusion Lounge07/19/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday w/ Colette & Whitenoize2ND Sunday07/14/132:00pmSan Francisco, CA
We Love Paris w/ Jeremy DeKoste (Bastile Day)The Grand07/13/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge07/05/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ Risk OneNoble06/30/131:00pmSan Francisco
Flight Fridays w/ E-RockInfusion Lounge06/28/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life - 7 Year Anniversary with Ron ReeserTemple06/22/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ J EspinosaInfusion Lounge06/21/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ Melo DInfusion Lounge06/14/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2nd Sunday w/ Andy Caldwell & Marques WyattCafe Cocomo06/09/1312:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation w/ Disco FriesThe Grand06/08/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge06/07/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ Miles MedinaInfusion Lounge05/31/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ THAT SoundNoble05/26/131:00pmSan Francisco
Life @ Temple with URFriendsTemple05/25/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ ScooterInfusion Lounge05/24/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Brunch 2 BreakersNoble05/19/137:00amSan Francisco
Love Evolution with Jason VernauThe Grand05/11/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ DJ Panic CityInfusion Lounge05/10/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ J Espinosa (Cinco De Mayo)Noble05/05/131:00pmSan Francisco
Flight Fridays w/ DJ ShiftInfusion Lounge05/03/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ Skostep & DJ NileNoble04/28/131:00pmSan Francisco
Dance to Cure Diabetes w/Mark FarinaProject One04/28/1312:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life at Temple with SCHMIDTTemple04/27/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ Jazzy JimInfusion Lounge04/26/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ Panic CityNoble04/21/131:00pmSan Francisco
Chemistry w/ DJ D SharpInfusion Lounge04/20/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Chemistry w/ DJ D SharpManor West04/20/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays w/ K-MacInfusion Lounge04/19/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Ron Reeser at The GrandThe Grand04/13/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Flight Fridays at Infusion Lounge w/ Don LynchInfusion Lounge04/12/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Day Party Sundays at Noble with Sperry & UltraknockNoble04/07/131:00pmSan Francisco
We Rock Fridays at The Grand w/ DJ CamsThe Grand04/05/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Day Party Sundays @ noble w/DJ ShiftNoble03/24/131:00pmSan Francisco
Life @ Temple w/ Wild Boyz! Temple03/23/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays - ST. Patrick's Day CelebrationNoble03/17/131:00pmSan Francisco
Chemistry @ Manor West w/ J Trip03/16/1310:00pm
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ Input OutputNoble03/10/131:00pmSan Francisco
Fernando Garibay at The GrandThe Grand03/09/139:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Pop Bottles Club Tour w/ SkyBlu of LMFAOInfusion Lounge03/07/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ ELCOOLJNoble03/03/131:00pmSan Francisco
We Rock Fridays w/ DJ ShiftThe Grand03/01/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life at Temple w/ Ming (Dim Mak)Temple02/23/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ Amy RobbinsNoble02/17/131:00pmSan Francisco
Noble Day Party Sundays w/ MyndsetNoble02/10/131:00pmSan Francisco
Masquerade Mardi Gras w/ Dirty VegasThe Grand02/09/139:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Super Bowl XLVII - The Return of the Noble Day PartyNoble02/03/131:00pmSan Francisco
EC Twins, Live at MezzanineMazzanine02/02/139:00pmSan Francisco, CA
We Rock Fridays w/ DJ ShiftThe Grand02/01/139:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life @ Temple with WhitenoizeTemple01/26/1310:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Evolution with JJ Flores The Grand01/12/139:00pmSan Francisco, CA
NYE 2013San Francisco City Hall12/31/128:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life at TempleTemple12/22/1210:00pmSan Francisco, CA
DJ Scottyboy @ VesselVessel12/15/1210:00pmSan Francisco, CA
DJ Scottyboy @ VesselVessel12/15/1210:00pmSan Francisco, CA
We Rock Fridays with DJ MetricThe Grand12/14/129:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love Generation w/ Carl Louis & Martin Danielle & Tall SashaThe Grand12/08/129:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Escape Fridays with DJ E-ROCKInfusion Lounge12/07/129:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Life Featuring MyndsetTemple11/24/1210:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Pre-ThanksgivingSlide11/21/129:00pmSan Francisco, CA
2ND Sunday (Winter Sessions)2ND Sunday11/11/1212:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand11/10/129:30pmSan Francisco, CA
We Rock FridaysThe Grand11/02/129:30pmSan Francisco, CA
Wicked (The Hunted Circus)The Grand10/27/129:30pmSan Francisco, CA
2ND Sunday2ND Sunday10/14/1212:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Love GenerationThe Grand10/13/129:30pmSan Francisco, CA
We Rock FridaysThe Grand10/05/129:30pmSan Francisco, CA
Infusion ThursdaysInfusion Lounge09/27/129:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Dj ShiftInfusion Lounge10:00pmSan Francisco, CA
Yolanda Be CoolAudio Discotech10:00pmSan Francisco, CA

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